Casting Calls



All roles have been cast for Season 1. Thank you very much to everyone who auditioned.

These characters are all crew on the Stribog, the ship orbiting Fons. They are supporting roles, appearing in 1 - 3 episodes in season 1, with possibly larger roles in future seasons.

Recordings are conducted over Discord, so your location does not matter, as long as you are able to record with the team. You must have a decent microphone and a quiet place to record.

Gender is specified for some roles, but we encourage trans and nb actors to audition. As long as you are comfortable being referred to by the pronouns of the character, we are happy to have you. If gender is not specified, then it is malleable and dependent on the actor that we choose.

Unless specified in the role, we encourage actors of all ethnicities and backgrounds to audition.

If you are interested in auditioning, email us at and we will send you a small scene to read.